Whether we become your long-term PR partner, or we deliver a one-off campaign package, we can support you with a menu of PR and communications tools. Media relations, content creation, social media, community outreach, email marketing and award entries are a handful of examples. Based in West Yorkshire, we have clients in a range of sectors, from property to retail and manufacturing. 

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Media relations
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Content creation
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Social media

Sometimes, the objective of a campaign is to drive community engagement and build local relationships. We can help you connect with communities and stakeholders through events, media relations and more.

Email marketing is one of the most powerful tools for re-connecting with current customers. Working with trusted partners, we can help you design a template; craft engaging copy and provide you with post-send reports.

Whether you want regional or industry recognition, we have a perfected formula for creating award entries that win. We handle the entire process, from pinpointing the best schemes to enter, through to sending the submission off. 

By delving into your business, we can craft stories that the media are on the hunt for, and that your audience will find interesting. Tools at our fingertips include press releases, interviews and industry features, to name just a few.

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Community outreach

Whether you're looking for blog content that's SEO-rich and engaging or web copy and leaflets that grab attention, you're in the right place. We have a meticulous eye for detail.

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Email marketing

We champion our clients to handle their own social media wherever possible. However, we excel in creating content and analytics guides, creative campaigns, competitions, ads and fresh ideas. 

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Award entries


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"Acomm has helped us set direction around our messaging and brand, to target our numerous target markets. We have regular contact with them, but we don’t have to hold their hand – they get on with it and deliver.


"They're very easy to work with - there at the end of a phone call, email or WhatsApp message when we need them - and we really trust them to have our back and our best interests at the heart of everything they do.”