Advice series 5: SIX tools in a PR professional’s armoury

So, you understand the benefits of PR, and you think it’s right for your business.

You’re almost ready to engage in a PR strategy, but you’re wondering what types of things might be achievable.

In other words, what exactly can a PR agency do for you?

We’ve outlined six ‘tools’ of the trade, that we can utilise to build your profile within your target audience…

1. The press release

The press release is an integral part of the PR toolkit. These are succinct, fact-led, news-based announcements which can target regional, trade and national press – with the message tailored for each.

While many practitioners continue to question the relevance of the press release, we’re very much in the ‘fans-of-the-press-release’ camp. It’s a document which journalists expect to receive, in a format which helps them to do their job quickly. If they want to delve further into the details of the story, they can contact us to create their own, unique angle, or set up an interview.

Of course, every circumstance is unique and it’s certainly not the only, or always the best way, to tell a story. But it remains a useful tool for announcing company developments, events and even industry opinions.

2. Interviews/Q&As

Interviews and Q&As in national, regional and industry press raise the profile of a business and the people who work within it. They help team members to become the ‘face’ of an organisation, building credibility and trust.

Not only do they allow you to deliver your brand message and values, they also create a platform for voicing a strong opinion – something that journalists always want to hear.

3. Features

Unlike a news-story, which focuses on the facts, and is sent to multiple media, a feature is an in-depth, exclusive advice or opinion piece which inspires, entertains or educates.

It allows a publication to go into much more detail, painting a wide picture about a topic, hooking the reader, before creatively discussing issues/opportunities/solutions.

4. Social media

Social media is a vital device of any PR professional. As a tool for communication and conversation, it can be just as effective at publishing and spreading news, as a media outlet.

And that’s not all. It’s also a great channel for sparking conversation, creating brand awareness, driving web traffic and building relationships.

But knowing which platforms to be on, how often to post, what type of content works, and how to achieve a return-on-investment, can all be overwhelming considerations.

We can help with kick-starting your social strategy, right through to maintaining the content and providing reports.

5. Award writing

A great way to boost credibility, grab attention and reward your team with the recognition they deserve, is to bag an award – one that’s well-thought-of, either in your region or industry.

We can help by pinpointing the best schemes to enter, gathering the info/stats required, putting together a killer submission, obtaining approvals and sending it off, on your behalf. We’ll monitor shortlists and help to maximise exposure if you win.

6. Copywriting

Writing interesting, thought-provoking, entertaining content – in a manner that’s both on brand and in line with what the audience wants to read – is a true skill.

There are many platforms that require first-rate copywriting; blogs, web pages, leaflets/brochures, emails, sales letters, and so on. Each has a different style and requires its own strategy.

A blog has to be written with two audiences in mind, for example – the reader, and Google. A good PR practitioner will understand how to appeal to both, engaging the human and making the search engine tick.

We love learning new things, and no topic is too obscure – we’ve written about everything from scrap metal through to house interiors.

This handful of examples gives you a flavour of the types of things that can be achieved, but in reality, it’s much more.

We can also support organisations with events organisation and promotion, sponsorship, community relations and exhibitions.

Whether you need help with one service, or a whole suite, we’re here to support you.

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