A four-step guide to creating Instagram Highlights

Is Instagram your top priority for 2019?

It’s a platform which has grown year-on-year – the perfect place for product-led, and forward-thinking service-led businesses, to thrive.

But it’s not an easy place to expand your following. In fact, it can take more time than any other platform, to grow a large community – frustrating to say the least!

But one of Instagram’s main features, ‘Stories’, is a sure-fire way to maximise opportunities.

It makes a profile more engaging, wide-reaching – if hashtags and geolocation is used – and fun, e.g. with the use of polls, questions, Boomerangs or GIFs.

With 500 million users of Stories each day, they’re a no-brainer.

But once you’ve spent valuable time and effort creating great content, it’s important to keep them alive – in the form of well-organised Highlights.

In this step-by-step guide, we’ve outlined how to create beautiful, on-brand icons for each of your Highlights…

1. Create a Highlight

Tap the + button in your ‘Story Highlights’ section to create a new category.

Add each relevant photo from your Archive which you want to feature.

2. Name it

Choose an intriguing name for your Highlight – preferably under nine characters.

Choose a Story to feature as your cover for the time being, until your new icon is created. Click ‘Add’.

3. Create the Cover

Create the cover using Canva. In the top left-hand-corner, choose ‘Create a design’ and ‘Custom Dimensions’. Create a template which is 500 x 500 pixels.

Choose ‘Elements’ from the toolbar and ‘Icons’.

Choose the icon you want to use as your cover, then change the colour and background colour, before downloading.

4. Upload

Send the post to your phone – e.g. using Airdrop on Mac – and go back to Instagram. Share as a story and add to the Highlight. Tap ‘edit cover’ and choose the icon.

Et voilà! There you have it, a beautiful, on-brand Highlights section.