Partnership between Yorkshire NHS Trust and ambulance manufacturer delivers £1.7million boost to eco

The vast majority of ambulances on Yorkshire’s roads have been manufactured by O&H Vehicle Technology. In 2018, Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS) placed a further order for over 300 new units, to modernise its fleet of vehicles. Yesterday (Tuesday 13th August) marked the handing over of the 250th unit, from O&H’s managing director, Oliver North, to YAS Chairman, Kathryn Lavery.

During the milestone event, which took place at O&H’s manufacturing facility, Mr North was keen to champion one, key message – the importance of UK ambulances being built in Britain.

He used the example of YAS choosing to partner with a UK-based manufacturer, opposed to an international supplier. The 18-month contract has contributed a total of £1.77million back into the UK economy, via employee contributions and business tax. It utilised 102,000 skilled labour hours, helping to secure local jobs, and has used a total of 118 local suppliers, providing a further boost to the UK system.

Commenting on the event, Oliver said: “Before I joined O&H as MD in January, the business was set to reduce its staff levels because of the impact of internationally-built ambulances. With Brexit impending, I knew the time was right to step in and help to grow this magnificent company.

“We are so proud of the level of quality in these ambulances and we chose to host this event, as our way of thanking YAS in an official capacity. We’re now already on the path of an intense period of growth and have all of the essential elements in place for a successful Brexit, which is partly due to YAS’ commitment to working with a UK supplier, whilst in turn, recirculating valuable taxpayers’ contributions.”

YAS receives an average of 2,500 emergency and routine calls per day, emphasising the emphatic impact of a modern, efficient fleet on paramedic and patient safety.

Finishing, Oliver said: “This is precisely what a positive and fruitful partnership between public and private sector looks like, all in conjunction with the single most important aspect - improving first responder safety in conjunction with casualty care. And the pride every single one of us at O&H feel when we see one of our ambulances responding on the streets of Yorkshire, couldn’t be higher.”