Huddersfield’s fastest growing firm partners with Huddersfield Town in a bid to increase community o

Huddersfield’s fastest growing firm has partnered with Huddersfield Town in a bid to increase community outreach.

Huddersfield Town's Sean Jarvis and John Williams with Rosenbauer UK's Oliver North

Rosenbauer UK – which manufactures firefighting appliances and equipment – is the latest brand to appear on the Premier League club’s kit, and will be emblazoned on the Terriers’ walk-out jackets for the upcoming 2018-2019 season.

The aim of the partnership is to boost awareness surrounding fire safety, and to support the organisation’s recruitment as it expands.

Who is the new partner?

Formerly North Fire Limited – founded by local businessman Oliver North – the Meltham-based fire truck and equipment manufacturer merged with Austrian giants, Rosenbauer International, in 2014. The firm is now the leading manufacturer of innovative fire trucks in the UK, supplying fire services and airports across the country with state-of-the-art equipment.

An exponential growth in revenue means that the firm is expected to achieve a 255% increase in 2018 from the previous best year of 2017 – making it the fastest growing firm in the region.

Keen-eyed film fans may recognise Rosenbauer’s airport fire truck – the Panther – from Transformers 3, in which the appliance played a leading role as Sentinel Prime.

The £700k Panther has been supplied to the vast majority of UK airports including Heathrow, Gatwick and Glasgow, as well as for NATO in Afghanistan.

Huddersfield Town's Sean Jarvis with Rosenbauer UK's Oliver North

The organisation also designed and manufactured what is often referred to as the most famous fire truck in the UK – the ‘AT-Stinger’. The appliance is stationed at Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service, and is capable of piercing the roof of a building, a wall or a window and deliver 1,000 litres of water per minute from the injected spike.

Commenting on his decision to become a Huddersfield Town partner, Oliver said: “Rosenbauer UK is an organisation which has a reputation for pushing boundaries and giving everything, with every order that we supply – which are values that have also shone through at Huddersfield Town over the past couple of seasons.

“The club is well recognised throughout the UK as alleged underdogs with a good old-fashioned Yorkshire-fighting spirit, and it has a loyal following. While we don’t expect many of them to be in the market for a fire truck, we’re delighted to align ourselves with our local, family-friendly club, which will extend our reach within the community and support our recruitment as we grow.

“From the club’s owner in Dean Hoyle, through to the players and the management team, both on and off the field, Huddersfield Town has demonstrated how good ethics, hard work and professionalism can not only drive organisations to dizzying heights, but also maintain life at the top. Our philosophies are completely aligned, and as we look to humbly consolidate our growth, we’re proud to associate ourselves to our home-town through an avenue which most people can relate to.”